The environment is an inherited legacy. Its protection, a sacred responsibility. As such, we promote a culture of strong environmental, health and safety management across our organisation.

All our manufacturing activities conform to the statutory pollution control standards. We have a systematic approach to managing waste, complying with existing environmental standards and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. In-house primary, secondary and tertiary treatments are carried out to meet the standards of local pollution control boards.

Our Philosophy

  • Build a safe work environment
  • Reduce adverse impact on environment and human life
  • Comply with all EHS compliances
  • Develop and implement a clear EHS policy

Our Goal

Our goal is ‘Zero’

  • Lost injury time
  • Environmental impact
  • Liquid discharge
  • Cases of ill-health

Our Objectives

As an ISO-certified company, we take safety very seriously.

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  • Carry out detailed, continuous, and regular risk assessment starting from product design phase
  • Implement necessary protections to reduce risk
  • Have well-trained personnel with latest fire-fighting systems to handle emergencies
  • Adhere strictly to all work permits and standard safety procedures
  • Implement regular inspections and audits by cross-functional corporate and local teams, leading international audit agencies
  • Swiftly act to address any lapses and areas of improvement
  • Mandate regular and detailed safety training for all employees
  • Strive to increase awareness among employees
  • Conduct mock-drills on various emergency scenarios
  • Strive to reduce raw material consumption, water and energy consumption
  • Reduce emissions

Our Systems

  • Round-the-clock Occupational Health Centre
  • Qualified medical staff and ambulance
  • Multiple effect evaporators for high TDS streams
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  • Well-established activated sludge processes to treat trade effluent
  • Multiple stage scrubbing systems
  • Detectors and alarms for leaks, heat, smoke and fire, toxic gases and flammable gases
  • Dedicated fire hydrant systems with required water reservoirs
  • Dedicated sprinkler systems for all plant and flammable material storage

We also work closely with communities around our manufacturing plants. In partnership with the locals, we primarily invest in education, water, sanitation initiatives in five schools across 3 villages in and around our facilities.

In FY2021-22, we provided digital education to 978 children from the 6th-10th standard. 15,000 hours of digital education sessions were accessed by the students.