Our Strategy

Communities and environment are the two pillars that underpin our business. Our business approach has always put the planet, people alongside profits. Our integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives endeavour to actively improve the lives of the communities we work with, and to protect the ecosystem and our natural capital.



Running digital cafés with educational content to complement school curriculum and function as a coaching substitute for rural students to improve their academic performance


  • Over 1,170 students engaged and benefitted
  • Over 40,000 hours of educational content viewed
  • Continue to support 600 students in FY23-24
  • Revamping science labs in local schools


Creating awareness about social security schemes in most vulnerable communities where we operate and facilitate unlocking of government welfare scheme funds


  • Enabled entitlements for over 4,500 community members
  • Unlocked over INR 1.5 crores of government funds


Building the skills and capacities of small and marginal farmers to diversify their income sources


  • Trained over 3,200 farmers on agriculture and allied activities and built capacity of 1,630 self-help groups (SHGs)
  • Farm yield increase by 3 quintal/acre, income increase by INR 4,000/acre
  • 110 animal husbandry setups established, average income increase by INR 7,000/month
  • 40 horticulture plantation setups established, average income increase of INR 16,000/month
  • Total SHG savings of over INR 65,78,000

Health & Sanitation

Aligning with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to improve sanitation facilities in local communities


  • Building and repairing sanitation infrastructure in schools and communities