There are many ways to do business. We choose the Godrej Way.

Our Purpose

In over a century, the one thing we never let go of is trust and being a good company. It's at the heart of everything we do in ‘The Godrej Way’.

Our Values

To live our purpose, we need to ensure that we are guided by the right values


We hold ourselves to the highest standards
of personal and business integrity.

Our word is stronger than any contract.

We put people and our planet alongside profits.

Be Bold

We have bold ambitions. We set the bar high.

We outperform expectations.

We adapt. We are agile and resilient.

We continuously innovate. We champion new ideas.

We take risks.

Create Delight

We place our consumers at the heart of all we do.

We obsess over current and future needs of our consumers.

And then deliver.

We offer consumers amazing quality products at great value.

Own It

We are 100/0. Take 100% accountability with 0 excuses.

We speak our mind. We challenge the status quo.

We focus on the details, but never forget the bigger picture.

Be Humble

We own up to and learn from our mistakes.

We ask for feedback. And then grow with it.

We give credit wherever due.

Show Respect

We treat people like we would want to be treated.

We embrace and celebrate diversity.

We foster collaboration.