Turning Innovations Into Reality

Our unique and agile approach to Contract Development and Manufacturing Operations (CDMO) gives our customers speed to market and cost leadership in pricing starting materials, active ingredients, and advanced intermediates.

As a leading contract development and manufacturing company, Astec is well-positioned to cater to the rapidly growing demand for outsourced development and manufacturing of complex chemistries, to support new products in the sector.

We specialise in the development and manufacture of customised, highly complex molecules for crop sciences, life sciences and consumer products for leading multinationals. Our custom manufacturing experience and upgraded portfolio of capabilities allows us to work closely with clients to develop new technologies for the introduction and supply of new products in a cost-effective and timely manner.

This is made possible by the strengths we have built in the following areas:

  • Time to market
    From concept to launch and making your products available in the market, we bring our expertise, infrastructure and experience to bear in efficiently managing the process value chain.
  • Skilled manpower
    Astec prides itself on the collective skills and expertise of its talent pool – from its senior leaders to the R&D and technology teams, and those who make it all happen at our manufacturing locations. Our people are the reason for our past success, and the driving force in our vision to be a contract manufacturer of choice for innovators in the chemicals industry.
  • Developing new technology platforms & digitisation
    Astec has been adopting and integrating the latest, cutting-edge digital technology solutions to not only make our operations more agile and responsive but to also fortify its internal processes. Through our ongoing Cloud adoption strategies and deploying contemporary digital tools we aim to strengthen infrastructure availability and provide better manageability, thereby building a future-ready and globally competitive company.
    We shall develop new technology platforms that can help us stay ahead of the curve by developing products that meet changing consumer demands. Our focus will be to improve efficiency, enhance sustainability, promote safety, and stimulate innovation.
  • IP Protection
    We understand how critical IP protection is for your business. As a trusted partner, we assure you of the utmost priority to sensitive aspects such as patents, trade secrets, trademarks and NDAs, in the interest of your business. Our legal and compliance teams ensure that the necessary procedures are followed to preserve and protect our customers' IPs and trade interests at all times.

Why Astec

Our state-of-the-art production facilities allow us to be an integral part of our customers’ value chain, partnering in all stages of the product life cycle from R&D and pilot to commercial production and registration.

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We offer:

  • Route selection, process research and development
  • Analytical method development, identification and synthesis of impurities
  • Submission of samples for qualification
  • Scale up of products in the pilot plant
  • Generation of kilo quantity samples for 5 batch analysis
  • Process safety and waste treatment data
  • Design of plant for commercialisation
  • Batch planning and execution in commercial manufacturing
  • Product delivery in required packaging
  • High technical ability
  • Lab to pilot to manufacturing
  • High standard of EHS
  • High ethical standards
  • Confidentiality
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Customer focus
  • Competitive cost structure

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