Triazole Fungicides

Triazoles are versatile, biologically active compounds with a vast spectrum of applications. Triazole compounds are widely used as broad-spectrum fungicides for field crops; as foliar treatment for the control of scab, powdery mildew, shot-hole, blossom blight, rust; as seed treatment for the control of seed and soil-borne diseases in cotton and maize, and grains such as barley, rice and wheat; as a post-harvest drench; as a food additive and wood preservative.

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Triazoles’ broad-spectrum application makes it the backbone of fungal control in cereals and makes it an effective fungicidal solution for many other crop sectors including vine crops, soybean, fruits and vegetables. They are used in mixtures with contact fungicides and with morpholines, strobilurins and succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor (SDHI) products.

Key products

Fungicide products constitute 27.2% of the global crop protection market. Triazole fungicides have a 4.4% global market share. Of this, key triazole products such as Tebuconazole and Propiconazole constitute nearly 30% of the total sales of sterol biosynthesis inhibitors (SBI) fungicides.

We are the largest manufacturer of Propiconazole in India, and the second largest, globally. We are one of the top 10 manufacturers of Tebuconazole in the world, and the largest in India.

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